By renting from WMER you are agreeing to certain conditions and terms.

Here are the terms of our rental.

West Michigan Equipment Rental, LLC (“WMER”) rents to Renter, identified by Reservation Form,

the personal property (“Property”) described on the Reservation Form on the following conditions for consideration:

1) Renter certifies that on the date and time stated on the Reservation Form, Renter received from WMER the Property.

2) Renter and any designated person(s) shall use Property at the designated address for the stated period and for the purposes for which said equipment was manufactured and intended.

3) Renter shall not remove Property from the designated address without consent of WMER.

4) Renter personally inspected the Property and it is in good working condition when received

5) WMER does not provide any warranties of merchantability or fitness, or any other warranties, either express or implied, other than as expressly set forth herein.

6) Renter shall immediately discontinue use of the Property and notify WMER if it becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair.

7) Renter shall pay WMER the cost of replacement or repair of the Property if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

8) Renter shall return the Property to WMEQ on the “Date Due In” and “Time Due In” in the same condition the Property was received.

9) Renter shall defend, indemnify and hold WMER harmless from any claim or liability resulting from or arising out of the use of the Property.

10) Renter may extend this contact beyond the date and time originally agreed upon, by notifying WMER and obtaining WMER approval of the extension.

11) WMER may, at its own discretion, revert all charges to a daily rate of monthly statements if invoices are not paid on the due dates.

12) WMER, at its own discretion, may report as stolen all Property not returned within five (5) days listed in the “Date Due In” section, or of conditions and circumstances indicate theft before that time.

13) Renter shall pay actual collection fees, court costs, attorney’s fees, and any other expense required to enforce the terms of this contract.

14) By making payment of rental, it is implied that Renter has read and agree to Terms of Rental agreement list here. All actions to enforce this contract shall be proper in the appropriate Court of Kent County, Michigan.